Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random Mathhammer Fact: "Gets Hot!"

The chances of a Spess Mehreen rapid firing a plasma gun and killing himself, are equal to the same Spess Mehreen shooting himself with a bolt pistol.


  1. 9% chance of killing yourself is nothing to laugh at especially if you are a unit of 10 sternguard rapid firing gets hot rounds.

  2. That's a great point 'eriochrome'.

    With Sternguard rapid firing Vengeance Rounds...

    They are three times as likely to kill an enemy SM (no cover or inv save).

    However they are half as likely to kill themselves than they are to kill an enemy SM with rapid firing normal ammo.

    rapid firing reg ammo: 0.22
    rapid firing hot ammo: 0.66 (0.11 to kill themselves)

  3. Remember the odds in rapid fire are not twice the odds of long range fire (1/6*1/3) since if done properly each model with a multishot gets hot weapon has to roll his attacks seperately. Some unlucky bastard might snake eyes and have to make 2 saves which lets another guy off the hook. Ends up as 1/6*1/6*5/9+ 2*1/6*5/6*1/3 if my math fu is with me.

  4. That is very true however I skipped that step to make it easier, and because the difference is so small. You lose 2.7% skipping the step, but you lose ~1% rounding 0.2222222222 to 0.22.

    You are absolutely correct though!

  5. Mathhammer, I miss you. Come back to us. I'm so cold... So very cold...

    Good discussion!

  6. The difference is small so if you are doing on the fly in game mathhammer you would ignore it but for an post or comment it should be done right or not at all.

  7. Hey Math, been trying to find a way to contact you...

    Mind chiming in on a debate about Acid Blood?

    Sorry for the off-topic!

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