Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What is Mathhammer?

Probability is the very guide of life. - Cicero

Mathhammer is using mathematics and probability to give yourself an advantage over your opponent in Warhammer and Warhammer 40K. The Warhammer games are full of numbers and probability, which makes understanding the math of the game a very powerful tool.

By learning Mathhammer you can apply simple methods to assist you in making rational decisions before, during and after a game.

Here are just some examples of what Mathhammer can be used for...
- Deciding which units / weapons to take against certain opponents (should I take Necron destroyers or heavy destroyers against Space Marines?)
- Making decisions during the game to maximize shooting and close combat (should I shoot at that unit or charge it?)
- Working out if something that happened during the game was probable or not (should my landraider be afraid of a single scarab base because this game it was destroyed by one?)

This is what Mathhammer is NOT!!!
- A way to predict exactly what will happen
- A tool that will make all your decisions for you
- An actual hammer you can hit things with

In my next post I'll explain my super simple 'Method 216', a quick and easy method that will be the base of the majority of your Mathhammer calculations. It will take just a few minutes to learn even if you suck at math and can be used to calculate most things in just a few seconds using a cell phone's calculator.

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